XXVI  Pomerania  26th  edition of ‘Pomerania’ – Off-Road Orienteering Adventures.
                                 Time of  the event :  10 - 12 October 2008  

Area of event: North-Western Poland / in the Drawsko Pomorskie  area /
The base of  event will shown later  
Registration of participants on 09.10.2008  between 5.00 - 12.00 p.m., and 10.10 .2008 from 6.30 to  9.30 a.m.
Beginning / start to the route / - 10.10 .2008:  from 7.00 am to 10.00 am; 
The end of the event and closing ceremony – 12.10. 2008. approx. 11.00 am. in Pomerania base.
Starting groups: -  two options:  
1. ‘VIP’ group – for the veterans of ‘Pomerania’ and teams who do not want to take part in the competition, but wont drive by  the route, collect the points and do the tasks.
2. Adventure group - Everybody else
Classification is organised  for Adventure group.

Short description of XXVI Pomerania:
As it was in case of the previous edition, XXVI Pomerania is going to be a simulation of an expedition. That means, the whole route has to be covered continuously with nights spent on the way.
The competitors drive according to road book, occasionally a map, and indicated routes. On the route you will have to tackle a range of:
ST  special tasks     (e.g. water tasks, applying rope techniques,  bridge, swamp crossing,  etc.) that be assessed by a referee
       check points – code numbers hidden on the route that you have to spot
OS special sections – voluntary, for more experienced participants, assessed by a referee; on some of
       them your time will be measured.
The route in total is ca 300 km long. The time and the distance results of the drive does not have a significant influence on classification. It is how many points you collect, not how fast you go that counts!
Minimal off road equipment:
For all: off road tires, towline, shackles, shovel.
Adventure group: besides the above the recommended equipment consists of: Hi Lift jack, sand plates / ladders and obligatorily a winch!
We recommend you have your own camping, climbing and water equipment – it will earn special bonus for your team.
All vehicles  must be registered and insured.
Accommodation: camping site / own camp equipment is necessary /  or on request in the guest house or cabin.
Food: self catering.
Price of participation: 1100 PLN  per car / crew max. 3 persons / Payment in PLN or equivalent in euro.
Our fee does not include your accommodation in the guests house, cabin and hotel, meals and vehicle costs.

Booking is necessary, the closing date is 25.09.2008
For more details and booking please contact:
Joanna Zbróg
Land Rover Club Poland
e-mail: lrcpl@onet.pl 

Our events are organized for all types of 4x4 vehicles.
All routes we use are legal, and researched by us.
Participants are entirely responsible for their vehicles and personal effects whilst on the event.
Organizer will be exempt from all liability in respect of loss, damage, sickness, injury or death howsoever caused occurring to persons or vehicles whilst on the event.

As a guide, these are the average costs of hotels,  meals and fuel:
Hotel : from  70PLN  to  280 PLN p.p.d
Meals: breakfast  - 40 PLN
            lunch       -   40 PLN
            dinner     -   100 PLN  
fuel: un lead  petrol – 4.95PLN/1litre
        diesel – 4.80PLN/1litre
        LPG – 2.30 PLN/1litre

Warm greetings to all past and future participants of ‘Pomerania’.
As everything in the world, ‘Pomerania’ also evolves – sometimes the changes are so slight that they go practically unnoticed, but sometimes they need to be quite substantial. We are presently in such a situation, when ‘Pomerania’ has nearly 70 teams. Out of all that number only 3 or 4 vehicles come to ‘Pomerania’ without a winch. Consequently, our existing division of starting groups (with and without winch) is no longer applicable.
Thus, starting with XXIV ‘Pomerania’, the classification of starting groups will be modified.
We introduce the ‘VIP’ group – for the veterans of ‘Pomerania’ and teams who do not want to take part in the competition, but want to collect the points and do the tasks. The teams will be appointed to starting in the VIP group on their request at the discretion of the organiser.
Everybody else will start in the Adventure group.
In order to ensure fair chances to everybody, we introduce a bonus system at the start, and so:
Vehicles without winches – group AS – start with 6000 points.
Factory vehicles* – group AA – 5000 points.
Modified vehicles** – group AE – no starting bonus.
* Factory vehicle
Allowed alternations: raised suspension, raised chassis, bull-bar, shields, winches (any type and amount), tyres up to 32 in (except where bigger by factory default, e.g.: Volvo, LR 110, etc.) 
In case of any dispute the organiser’s decision is final.
** Modified vehicle
Any rebuilt chassis (removed elements), non-factory chassis, tyres above 32 in (except where bigger by factory default, e.g.: Volvo, LR 110, etc.). Vehicles such as Tomcat, Scorpion, Dakar, etc.; rebuilt, non-factory vehicles.
In case of any dispute the organiser’s decision is final.
Groups VIP, AA and AE will be able to enter all the special sections (OS), group AS – only some of them. All special tasks will be accessible for all the groups.
There will be one route for all the groups with some sections omitted by the AS group. As always, no special sections or special tasks will be mandatory for any of the participants.

We also have to considerably raise the profile of the issue of environment protection. Consequently we will be more severe towards participants who damage the area (e.g. scratch the tree trunks) due to their negligence and carelessness. Improperly fastening winch ropes that leads to damage to trees will be punished, possibly even by disqualification. The same will be true for driving on cultivated fields, and outside the road book.

We appreciate that in a difficult terrain, a vehicle may slip, which may lead to tree scratching. Such cases, of course will be taken into consideration, but we will not tolerate deliberate carelessness. Our staff is experienced enough to appropriately assess an incident.

As the popularity of ‘Pomerania’ increases we need more staff, and the costs of environmental repairs rise. Consequently, we are reluctantly obliged to announce a small increase in the price of ‘Pomerania’, which is now 300€ ( or the equivalent in PLN ) The price covers the participation of one vehicle with up to 3 people on board. If you wish to bring more people, you need to discuss this option with the organizer while booking your place in ‘Pomerania’.

Best regards,
Joanna & Norbert  Zbróg