XXI Pomerania 22nd edition of Off Road Pomeranian Orientation Adventures.

Time of event : 13 – 15.10. 2006

Area of the event: North-West Poland / in the Drawsko Pomorskie area /
The base of event: village Stare Resko near Drawsko Pomorskie
Registration of participants on 12.10.2006 between 5.00 - 12.00 p.m., and 13.10.2006. between 6.30 – 9.30 a.m.
Beginning / start to the route / - 13.10.2006.: for T group from 7.00h to 10.00h; for A group from 7.30h to 10.00h. in the morning.
The end of the event and closing ceremony – 15.10.2006. approx. 11.00 a.m. in the event`s base.
Level of difficulty - two options:
" A " - Adventure for cars equipped with winch / winch is necessary /
" T " - Touristic for standard cars / without winch /.
Classification separately for cars with winch and for cars without winch
Driving according road book and shown routes. During the route you will have special tasks ST / e.g. on the water, the techniques of the rope, crossing walking etc. / assessed by the marshall, check points – task for participants is find them and special tasks OS,/ assessed by the marshall and some with measurement of time. The distance of the route ca 300km long. The time and the distance results of the drive does not have a significant influence to classification.
Minimal off road equipment:
Options „T”: off road tyres, towline, shackles, shovel.
Options „ A” besides the above the recommended equipment consists of: Hi Lift jack, sand plates/ladders and obligatorily winch,
We recommend having your own: camping, climbing and float equipment – it will be special bonus for the crew. All cars must be registered and insured.

Accommodation: camping site / own camp equipment is necessary / or on request in the guest house or cabin.
Food: self catering.
Price of participate:
Option T and A – 780 PLN per vehicle with 3 persons, each additional person in the car – 120 PLN
Children in age up to 17 years - free
Our fee does not include your accommodation in the guests house, cabin and hotel, meals and vehicle costs.
Booking is necessary up to 30.09.2006.
For more details and booking please contact:
Joanna Zbróg
Land Rover Club Poland
e.mail: lrcpl@onet.pl

Our events are organized for all types of 4x4 vehicles.
All routes we use are legal, and researched by us.
Participants are eneirely responsible for their vehicles and personal effects whilst on the event.
Organizer will be exempt from all liability in respect of loss, damage, sickness, injury or death howsoever caused occurring to persons or vehicles whilst on the event.

As a guide, these are the average costs of hotels and meals:
Hotel : from 40PLN to 150 PLN p.p.d
Meals: breakfast - 15 PLN
lunch - 25 PLN
dinner - 50 PLN

Short description of XXII Pomerania:
As it was in case of the previous edition, XXII Pomerania is going to be a simulation of expedition. That means, the whole route has to be covered continuously with nights spent on the way.
The event is called “ Pomerania” there is always a touristic off road route 300 – 500 kilometres long. The participants will drive along the roads shown on the road-book and partially on the map. Along the route there are hidden check points, the task is for participants to find them. There are always the special sector for more experienced participants who drive with vehicles equipped with a winch. There is always a special tasks with specific games full of surprises. The time and the distance results of the drive does not have a significant influence to classification.